In my 15 years as an attorney

In my 15 years as an attorney I have encountered literally thousands of real estate agents and I have observed how their personalities, experience and skills impact the transaction. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa on many files over the years and I rate her among the upper echelon in the business. I have witnessed Lisa’s personality, work ethic and tenacity keep deals together that lesser agents would allow to fall apart. By the time I receive a signed contract, Lisa has already gone the proverbial “extra mile” and is usually well beyond as she has the experience to anticipate what is needed and the drive to get it done. Lisa makes things happen to the benefit of her clients and she is well respected in the real estate community for her commitment and dedication to clients. Significantly, Lisa has a strong moral compass and works just as hard, if not harder, on transactions many of her colleagues would not accept because of a perceived minimal remuneration; Lisa elevates principles over compensation and is true to her word whether she is accepting a listing or acting as a buyer’s agent. I recommend Lisa Ostrander without reservation.